Coverage of the London Municipal Election 2018 Debates
Hosted by the Aeolian Hall – Ward 7 & 8 (taped August 23)

The following is a transcript of the questions and accompanying clips with Morena’s responses.


BRT: The bus rapid transit project is the largest in London’s history, the price tag is $500M and it has ben exteremly controversial for this council and will be for the next term of council moving forward.
Do you support BRT, why or why not, and if not, do you propose an alternative?

Tax Rates: Nobody likes paying taxes but of course those dollars are very important because they fund local school boards, fire and police services, transportation, parks and recreation. All of the things that make our city run well.
For 2018 the overall tax rate is 1. 350819% more or less.
What do you think of the current tax rate? Should it increase or decrease? And if so, how would you make up the difference or spend the additional funds?

Safe injection sites: In February of this year, the MLHU opened London’s first temporary overdose protection site, where drug users can inject illegal substances under the supervision of medical professionals. They are currently making plans for at least one permanent safe injection site here in the city which would serve the same purpose? How do you feel about the presence of safe injection sites here in London?

Arts & Our Community: Londoners’ hopes and dreams for this city is a vibrant community full of arts & culture.
What do you think the role of council should be when it comes to promoting arts and community vitality here in London?

What is the major issue facing your ward in the next four years?

Questions from the Audience:
A) Question for Bill Downie (expanded to all candidates):
You are against BRT – What is your view for and image for a better traffic solution, to improve road network and city infrastructure as a city councillor? The reason I am asking this question is that BRT is 8 or more years a project, I might be retired at that time. To take the bus to the office, to the airport, 10 years ago it took 10-15 minutes, now it is 45 minutes. How will you improve my quality of life to improve during the next 4 years – specifically the road infrastructure?

B) In your wards 7 & 8, you don’t have BRT, how does it affect your ward? Are you prepared to support a failed system that as of January the BRT will be slower, cost more, and take longer to get from point A to point B? Are you prepared to support the millions of dollars for bike lanes at the same time you’re asking people for essential services to stand up, line up, and wait their turn? Why should you sacrifice need and essentials for a flawed plan?

C) There are a lot of new subdivisions in North London, a lot of new houses and new streets but no sense of community. We don’t see this happening in the new neighbourhoods. How will the new councillor build community in these neighbourhoods?