Our taxes, our choices. Council members are accountable to the people who elect them. As your Ward 8 Councillor, my first commitment will be to listen to your thoughts and concerns on issues affecting our neighbourhoods and to use my vote to reflect your voice.


London is a community where everyone is welcome. If elected as your Ward 8 Councillor I want to make sure accessibility to services starts with me being available to listen to your concerns and the issues that matter to you.

I will work diligently with other members of council to ensure that this guiding principle is present in all future services offered by the city and in the future infrastructure we build.

An accessible city benefits all Londoners by allowing ease of access to the city to everyone from Londoners with reduced mobility, to our families who are pushing strollers, riding bikes, walking or adapting to the changes that come with aging.


Being able to live and raise your family in the neighbourhoods you grew up in should not be out of your reach. If elected to represent our ward as Councillor, I am committed to working hard to build partnerships and encourage collaboration on council and with the private sector to enact solutions and programs that give Londoners looking to rent or buy a home affordable options.



As a Ward 8 resident, I do not support the BRT project in its current form as it is not designed to accommodate multi-modal transportation users. When I see other cities building light rail ready roads, embracing green and innovative transportation, designing streets that protect and encourage all travel modes including walking and cycling, and one day automated vehicles, spending tax-payer dollars on a bus-centric project that does not meet my needs or those of my aging parents, friends and neighbours who rely on public transportation is like investing in an incomplete project.

As your candidate for Ward 8 Councillor, I look forward to hearing where you stand on BRT and other important issues impacting our community, because your vote is your voice. I truly believe that the time for us as Londoners to take action is now- and we must either move forward with projects like BRT or work together on finding viable alternatives that meet the needs of our community.